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2016   “Touching the light and darkness” Satellite Gallery of Aichi University of Arts , catalog
           Text by Itaru Hirano
           “You Meet Art, Kawaguchi” Kawaguchi Art Gallery Atlia , catalog
2013   Kawaguchi Municipal Art Gallery Atlia / 2nd New Artist Exhibition
           Text by Yuuji Maeyama , Sigeo Toya , Hirosi Minamishima
2011  "Hakotohito" X+Y / Gallery PSYS and Shizuoka , catalog
2008   EXHIBITION  FROM “HOMAM”2008 ,  catalog
2001   Kawaguchi Contemporary Art Studio 1999-2001 ,  catalog
          “2002 Selected Artists' Exhibition 6th Art Competition” , catalog
          Text by Cazuo Amano , Akihiko Takami , Tomohiro Nisimura
1996  “Reviews” Bijutsu Techo , January , INAX Gallery ,  Masahiro Nishimura
1995  “INAX ART NEWS , No159” Text by Yusuke Nakahara
1995  “ACRYLART Scholar 30 Perspective holbein Co” , Statement by Seigo Aoki

​1992  “Review” ACS Gallery Takeuchi , Chunichi Shimbun

Public talk 

2018  “Beyond the process” Joshibi University Art and Desine

​2015  “Artist talk ” Satellite Gallery of Aichi University of Arts 

2013  “Artist talk 2nd New Artist Exhibition” Kawaguchi Municipal Art Gallery Atlia

          “Artist talk” GALLERY ARTISLONG

​2012  “Spin the Japanese Fin Arts, Now Technical handwork, Sensitivity” related project
          “From manga to contemporary art, the whereabouts of art after the earthquake” University of Minho / Portugal

2008  “Let’s talk the artist 2” EXHIBITION  FROM HOMAM 2008 related project in Residence of Mackenzie

1998  “Artist talk” Tokyo School of Arts

1996  ”Artist talk” Nagoya University of the Arts


2017  “What color is my shadow?” University of Yamanashi art and cultural promotion project 

​2016  “Try to draw yourself in shades of color” Kawaguchi Art Gallery, ATLIA. You Meet Art, Kawaguchi related project

2011  “Let’s draw together ○△□ World leads” Shizuoka Prefecture Museum of Art 25th Anniversary related project

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